Greetings Cards

I don’t know why, but I like to keep greetings cards, especially from important people in my life and for my children, I have a few different draws, that contain numbers of birthday cards in them. There are scrawled names I do not recognise, there are Christmas cards without a clue of the year, there are beautiful handwritten notes in gorgeous cards from my children and my husband, and those are going to be kept!


I am very lucky to have two gorgeous children with lots of love and creativity that enjoy  writing and drawing, they are prolific to say the least!


I am clearing out piles of cards, and here are my rules

  1. If I do not know who it is from – it goes
  2. If I don’t know who it was for, it goes
  3. If it is a generic card, with no message, it goes
  4. If it is from someone I no longer see, know or have a connection with, it goes
  5. If it is a significant birthday from a significant friend or family member, I put it in the maybe pile
  6. If I am keeping them to crop with zigzag scissors and make into wonderful creations – they must go, it will never happen 🙂
  7. If it is from Beanie, the kids, or is a personal letter from family or a dear friend, then the maybe pile it  is!
  8. Christmas cards, keep one from each person I love, or if it is hand drawn, or a photo – then the maybe pile

The Maybe Pile

Personal stuff – all letters or cards from Beanie (my husband) I keep, because I get about two a year and that is lovely and wonderful.

From the kids, I keep most of their cards unless they are the same each year and haven’t been drawn by them. I weigh it up, if I can’t decide, I take a picture and keep that 🙂

Christmas cards I keep if they are from close friends or family and there are no duplicates, others, take a picture and recycle the card.


Emotionally clearing out this stuff can be hard, so if you really need to, take a picture of the sorted cards, inside and out, as digital space is far less space wasting 🙂






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Limit Procrastination with To Do Lists

I have to be slightly military with my time, as I have lots of different things going on at once, and lots of things that can suddenly be thrown in the mix.

To Do Lists are a fab way to achieve your days objectives. Either on paper or digitally.


Make a list of things that have to be done, then what you want to get done, and schedule appropriate time for each task. Cross the item off when you have completed it,that feels good!

Try not to get distracted and complete each task before moving on to the next one or stopping for food, tea a break or to surf the web!, and don’t worry if you cannot get everything on the list done., just do what you can 🙂

The reason that digital lists are better, is because you could schedule repeats and alarms for the items, you you don’t have to forget next time, i.e. Get card for Mary’s birthday can be a yearly reminder, prep for weekly catch-up, obs can be a weekly reminder.

Let me know how you schedule your daily time and what you get done in a day!


Evie x





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Don’t leave your things in the car

Do the back seats of your car look a bit like this?


or worse!


I remember taking a bin bag out to my car one morning and filling it with junk that I had not cleared out as I went, then finding hats, gloves, toys, colouring books,  hair slides, money! yay! (only coins :(), half eaten crisps, a few jelly sweets, boots, and a handbag, cans, water bottles and basically just loads of junk that I didn’t take with me each time I left the car!

I try now to take everything with me when I leave the car, each time, and avoid eating and drinking in it!, especially if you have kids! They won’t starve for the amount of time you are in it, and on long drives, you can take a break in any case.


The inside of the car doesn’t always get cleaned but it is not unhygienic now 🙂 and it is completely clutter free, I no longer have to chuck loads of junk in the boot each time the kids get in it! My CD’s are still a mess, but I will get better with time 🙂

I thought about keeping some bags in there for the rubbish, but they never got used as if you take everything with you when you get home, it isn’t much, and with no eating drinking in the car, most of the mess is not even created.

Today’s Task, clean out your car, and keep it clean, by not eating or drinking in it, and taking your rubbish and things with you each time you get home 🙂




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Charity Sweep Results

7 minutes 52 seconds


This was pretty tricky, as I have decluttered most of my house, (well, one iteration anyway) and not replaced items! but I still managed to fill one bin bag!


When I started the stopwatch, and looked around my kitchen, I spied on the windowsill  a metal cream flower vase that has never been used! It is not very nice, but it has been sitting on my windowsill for about 5 years?! That went in the sack, along with 3 cat bowls I have ignored in my cupboard for about the same length of time.


3 books from the already quite clear bookshelf

Guest Room

Big folder about D.I.Y, written pre-war presumably!

Kids Room 1

Angry bird soft toy never played with

Kids Room 2

Another Angry Birds soft toy never played with


Seriously! I only cleared this one two weeks ago, so really hard to find anything I didn’t want, so opted for a ring binder (I never use them).

Main Bedroom

Again, pretty clear, so stumped, but found some socks I no longer wear but are perfectly fine, 3 pairs! (Should have cleared those out the other day, but as they were good quality decided to keep, although I won’t wear them!)


2 turquoise towels.


The tip that this has given me  is that one iteration of decluttering is not enough, we have to be on surveillance, quite regularly to keep on top of the clutter, and you get more ruthless as time goes on 😉

Have you had a go yet? See if you can get a bin bag full for your local charity shop 🙂



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Charity sweep go!


OK, ready for this challenge? Time yourself if you want to…

Go into your bedrooms, bathrooms, lounges, lofts, garages and any other cluttered rooms with a bin bag, choose at lease one item that you never use anymore and don’t like very much, including presents that have been bought for you that you are never going to use, (the item must be in tact, fit for purpose and able to be cleaned) and bag it!

If any of your rooms are completely clutter free, then choose at least 2 items from rooms that are not

Once your bag has at least one item per room, put the bag next to the front door, or in the car, and get it to the charity shop pronto, make sure that the next time you go out it goes too!

How did you do? x How many items did you get, how long did it take?

I will post my results here tomorrow 🙂

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You don’t have to be perfect

Trying to have a perfect home, organised life, just isn’t realistic, there will always be more to do, like live!

These tips are meant to help so that you have more time to do what you enjoy.

A few minuted a day sorting out a draw or clearing a shelf and keeping it that way, soon adds up.

Try to clean up as you go along rather than let it pile up and enjoy the fruits of your efforts!


…and give yourself a break, 10 minutes with a cuppa and some relaxing music can do wonders 🙂


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Less is More

Nothing for you to do with this one, just a state of mind.


I have stopped buying lots of clothes, really! I have stopped buying so much stuff –  multiples of anything I don’t use regularly, including things for my kids. But when I do buy now, I spend some of those savings on better quality items.

It is still better for me, my purse and the planet 🙂 and stops more clutter!

The reason for this is, it is so temping to buy 3 t-shirts because they are a good price, or two pairs of jeans, rather than the really nice pair that costs twice as much!

No, this is clutter waiting to happen.

Unless you are desperately in need of those extra items, either just buy the one thing you need, or buy the good quality item you LOVE. And remember, one in, one out!

My clothes do cost a bit more now, but they feel lovely and I feel nice in them,the cut is better, the fit better (ultimately the most flattering thing you can chose) I have very few, but enough of everything.

If you are buying meat, pad it out with vegetables, better for you and the planet (and your purse!) If you are buying anything, think


if it is clothing




Better quality is better for fair-trade too, think about where your clothes are made, how the farmers are treated when shopping at supermarket, and just have less of everything, with better quality

Less is so much more 🙂 x


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